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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery in Iowa

SOS Data Recovery Services. Serving Spencer, Spirit lake and Storm Lake Iowa.

Computers / Servers
  • Mac, Linux or Windows
  • Corrupted or locked data
  • Deleted or formatted
  • Damaged hard drives
Smart Phones
  • iPhone and Android
  • Data after water damage
  • Data from "dead" phone
  • Data from SIM & SD cards
External Drives
  • Flash drives
  • SD and SIM cards
  • External hard drives
  • Raid and network
Special Services
  • Micro soldering
  • Virtual machine
  • Password / encrypt bypass
  • On site at Spencer, Iowa


Data disaster 101.

Disaster strikes!
Your computer crashed without a recent back up. You drop your phone off the shores of Spirit Lake, Iowa or some other mishap that appear as though you have just been permanently separated from your valuable information.

All may not be lost:
The data is still inside the phone and we have the skills and technology to extract it back out of the device's storage. If you have just experienced such a disaster, turn OFF the device if you can. DO NOT turn it on, charge, manipulate or otherwise "mess with" the device. Just secure it from more damage and bring it to a qualified data recovery service. Preferably us.

What are my chances:
All depends on the damage and what was done to the device since then but technology has made some great advances in data recovery services. The success rate and turn-around time of data recovery has dramatically improved while the prices have gone way down. Folks as far as Sioux Falls just come in themselves but people from further away prefer USPS priority mail.

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